The advice and representation for private and commercial clients in the context of traffic civil law, such as the enforcement of damages – pain and suffering claims after traffic accidents, is a main focus of our activities in the area of ​​traffic law. At the same time we are active in the traffic criminal law, traffic administrative law, the breach of the law right as well as in penalty things and represent our clients in the preliminary proceedings as well as in court.

The injured person has a legal entitlement to legal advice by an Attorney. The costs of the legal advice belong within the scope of the damage regulation to the damage and are included to the total loss, so that the costs of the legal advice must be paid by the liability insurance of the tortfeasor. In case of the notification on a liability rate (division of the damage after the degree of the portion of the fault) the Attorney’s costs are also refunded in each case mutually proportionately by the opposing liability insurances.