Attorney Dr. Ramazan Inci is among others active in the fields business law, transport law, employment law, traffic law, criminal law and family law. Due to his linguistic and legal skills in Turkish and English – as he is in close contact with lawyers in Turkey and is (for the courts and prosecutor’s offices of the Federal Land Schleswig -Holstein) a sworn interpreter and certified translator for Turkish language – is the attorney Dr. Ramazan Inci very strong in the area of the German and Turkish business law and  (international) transport law – CMR , COTIF , CMNI , Warsaw Convention, Montreal Convention and Hague-Visby rules – active. Here he can offer a complete service, such as linguistic in negotiations with potential partners from Germany and / or Turkey, at the same time answer legal questions for German-Turkish business law and / or international transport law or German also because of its relations with and Turkish companies to bring them together for any partnerships or collaborations. If official documents, contracts or other papers are to be translated into the German or Turkish language, it makes sense to order these translations from a lawyer who not only knows both languages, but is well versed in both cultures and legal systems. Thereby it can be guaranteed that the translations are made linguistically, subject-specific and correct in substance. In this context, the attorney Dr. Ramazan Inci makes certified translations. Dr. Inci Law Office inci-law